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This old world, holds new life

  A writer once said, “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”  You will know the same looking up at this new dangerous world in wonder.  Eyes open and feet set to pace, will you cautiously adventure your new home.  Unbound and abled bodied do you dare to begin your story.  Now get ready to experience these lands, our community.  May you enjoy them as long as to your heart’s content.

  This old world holds new life. While these exiled lands holds the feel, the shape and the curve of what we know.  What now walks amongst them will take your experience to a new level.  Former foes no longer linger upon our thoughts.  New Monsters and mechanics will push the limits of your gaming adventure.

  Servers may come and go but communities are here to stay.  Positivity and helpfulness will support you as you enjoy your endeavors.  Friendships at every corner, waiting to be blossomed.  You will never be alone here, for there is always a welcoming hand.  Just know that someday you too can make a difference in a players eyes.

  One word brings all sandbox games to heel “Wipe.”  Although inevitable it’s always a question of how long one can be staved off.  Although active for a while our server shows no signs of slowing down.  Supported by rule structures kept in place to keep the servers longevity lasting.  Ever seemingly a server a server that is here to stay.

  It’s time to be excited again.  To feel the rush of exploring the new unknown.  To team with people ready and willing to help you. Begin your adventure here and now.  In our community that isn’t meant just for you or me, but all of us.

Written by: BigPappiTito “JUL Techinical Support, so technically always involved”

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