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The Just Us Experience

It all started on a sunny afternoon. We had just had a bit of a falling out on an old server. So I was on the hunt for a server to call home. It had been hours of looking around and trying out different servers mod lists and everything of the sorts with no avail. I decided to turn in for the night and would resume this long trek of finding a server once I was well-rested and willing to put more effort in the following evening. The sun had just gone down as I was waking up grabbed my morning cigarette and a Redbull and dived in once again. That is where my Just our story begins.

That morning I the first server I happened across was JUL. It had a decent mod list, not to long decent ping and a nice thirty people on at that time. It was exciting to get started on the server so I made my character and gave it a go. All started the same way gathering branches stones but I am getting happier seeing people typing and talking in chat. I played for about four hours got a base together with some basic tools and whatnot started interacting with the community to find the discord information and that we had a market a real market. Quickly I ran down to the bazaar to find decently priced low-level thralls and cheap stations to help spearhead us in the right direction. At this point, I am overjoyed with the way the server is playing out and I have not interacted with anyone yet. I continue for a few more hours say goodnight and log looking forward to the next day to bring about the start of a great adventure.

It is a fresh new day and I can’t wait to get started I only sleep for a few hours. Opening discord dropped the link in for the first time and holy shit there are people in here. Conan that is the channel I am looking for hop down and everyone greets me says hello and is super friendly. I start with basic questions about the server and community and not one person is being a dick about it. Then once they realized we were new everyone helped gave us stuff to get started some tools some higher thralls then the tier ones we bought the day before. At this point, we are kinda on a rolling getting to know everyone and just having a giddy time laughing having fun. From there it was more of getting to know everyone and just enjoying ourselves.

Day three the start of a memorable adventure. Now as with most games you can not get along with everyone that’s part of the gaming world. That being said there were more than enough rooms to go into and just laugh and continue to have an amazing time. Finally found out that there was a building restriction at thirty cubed but that was more than ample compared to other servers. We hunkered down and continued our progression everyone still helping us along our way. Our first server event on the server went extremely well. There were so many people doing the event the server broke but everyone had an amazing time. The server being overloaded during the event lead to them started a new server just based on the sheer volume of people.

To recap the Just Us server group has an amazing community staff that will go out of their way to make sure a person is having a wonderful experience. Whatever you are looking for whatever you need may you find it among the wonderful time you will have here. If for some reason you do not have a great time or some staff upset you somewhere please GTFO as we do not need that shit.

Written by: Suppenkraut, an avid supporter of the community and a beloved friend.

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