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A Beginners Life of Conan Exiles

I had a friend refer me to Conan Exiles, and I decided to play on the server he found, it was JUL. JUL was the first server I ever joined in Conan only after playing a week of the single player vanilla experience to learn how the game works. The day I joined the Conan server, the admins shared a major mod update of Age of Calamitous and announcing the server would wipe for a fresh experience to enjoy the mod update to the fullest.

I had no idea what this was at the time, I had only logged into the server for 20 min before leaving and deciding to wait for the new server to be created. A few days later I had time to start playing on the newly created server. I decided to start off as a solo player and learn the basics of the mods the server included. I was quiet, not participating in conversations much, learning as much as I could by myself and asking very few questions. I had finally got a base built and began farming materials of the mods.

When I received my first purge, it was my friends that helped me the most here, it was 7 waves of skeletons that had spawned inside my base. With the help of my friends I was able to successfully defeat the purge. After that moment I understood the power of having friends to venture with in the game. They provided me with the purge thralls they captured for me and equipped me with some much-needed gear to help me in the cold.

Sometime later I felt like I was getting used to the game, asking more questions, and conversating with the community more. I also decided to participate in the first event on the server, the event was fun and very rewarding and made me want to come back for more. So, I started to really participate in the community more, and I noticed someone who was thinking of starting a clan to learn about the mods together. Thought that was perfect for me and I volunteered to lead the clan, and we teamed up. Ever since then I am glad I did. It makes the game much more enjoyable when playing with other people than by yourself. Ever since the first member joined, we grew exponentially.

The JUL Community is amazing without the assistance of the Admins and helpful hints of the community I would not be where I am in the game. Though I have much learning to do in the game, I offer assistance to all of my clan members as well as new members of the server. I have donated twice to this server and believe the donation perks are much worth it. I don’t plan on moving to any other server, I hope this server stays up indefinitely. The JUL community is a very diverse group, and I enjoy being a part of it

Written by: Quinn Maihack, a valued member of the community

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