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What’s it like to join a Just Us League Conan Server?

For me, it was joining and within minutes meeting the admins and moderators as well as a host of players who were all willing to interact with a newbie to the server. I logged into the JUL Discord and was greeted by the team and soon was enjoying my first week with my new server mates. It was a good opportunity to make new friends and drag some old friends over to play with such a great community. I quickly went from a solo player to having 8 members in my clan. Then when more of my friends came over I split off from the clan and have a large clan again.

Seeing some of the buildings has made me challenge my building skills as well as learning how to set up a Social Merchant and take part in the Server’s Bazaar/marketplace. I was also able to take part in a random pop up trivia game with Speculiar and others during the day at work on discord. Everything has been so interactive with this group, from the weekly events to the quests you can do to earn more money for the Bazaar. There is also a Fungeon that I have managed to get through 3 times now, as well as weekly events that are held twice so that everyone gets a turn at doing the events.

The best part has been the community where if you don’t know something, ask, and you will get at least 2 jokes and the right answer or resource to help you out. Except for the Mysterious Portal, you are on your own for finding that. If you have found, as I have that Official PvP servers are just a little too much, come and join Just Us League for some Fun, Purges and Devil Bears!

Written by: Peach, an awesome friend and member of the community

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