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Dear Fellow exiles,

Regarding the upcoming patch on 12/5/19, we’ve made the difficult decision to wipe the servers. Upon doing so, we will combine both servers back into one. While this was a difficult decision, we want to assure you that we did our due diligence by trying to get the backup files on the testlive server with the recently updated mods and unfortunately the server will not even start. As a result, we will be wiping upon the release of the new Funcom patch. Please know that we do not enjoy having to wipe players progress and have everyone start over. Key items to note:

  • -If you have donated for a WarGoddess build in the past 30 days, she -will build for you again on the new server.
  • -Active players who still have their forge from a donation perk will need to notify Queen Chel today in order to have the forge follow them to the new server.
  • -There will be generous veteran packages for returning players.
  • -New Conan rules will be updated and posted today (12/04/19).
  • -Mod changes: We will be removing Pickup+ due to several issues.
  • -Harvesting rates will temporarily be increased for the first week in the new server (x7). The Just Us League has become so much more than just a gaming server.

We’re a family and family sticks together even when things are not going great. You’ve stuck with us so far and our community is thriving. We hope that you’ll continue to stay with us through the coming changes and any upheavals that may occur. We’ll continue to do our best to be worthy of your faith in us.

The Conan Staff Team

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