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    Conan Exiles Wipe!! 12/5/19

    5 December 2019 , by BigPappiTito

    Dear Fellow exiles, Regarding the upcoming patch on 12/5/19, we’ve made the difficult decision to wipe the servers. Upon doing so, we will combine both servers back into one. While this was a difficult decision, we want to assure you that we did our due diligence by trying to get the backup files on the testlive server with the recently... Read more

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    Alpha 11: Flight model, CPU, D...

    18 November 2019 , by BigPappiTito

    Main Features & Additions of Alpha 11 CPU Points & Tier System New Flight Mechanic & Techniques New Pilot HUD Vessel Docking: any-to-any Thruster Rebalancing Base Attack changes Building additions– Material Blockshapes (+16)– Heavy Windows (Full Glas, Connectors,…)– Railings… Read more

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    Welcome Everyone!

    4 November 2019 , by BigPappiTito

    The website is finally up and running! Over the course of the week, content will begin to fill out this website. Be prepared for a new experience with JUL! Read more

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