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  1. General Rules:
  2. 1. Do not act like a wanker.
  3. 2. No offensive names including; characters, pets, and or clan names.
  4. 3. Be as courteous as you can be in both in game and on discord.
  5. 4. No spamming in either in game and on discord.
  6. 5. The server is not adults only, there will be minors.  Please keep inappropriate chat and humor away from public channels.
  7. 6. Chat involving; politics, religion, and or heavy sexual content (Including the following; Rape, Underage Pornography, Slave abuse, and sex trafficking).  Are not tolerated in any form, please keep it to yourself.
  8. 7. Racism and bigotry are also not permitted in any form.  Including slurs, insults or non-classy humor.
  9. 8. Drama will not be tolerated in public chats.  Any incidents or escalations of drama should be reported to Admins privately.  We will require proof so please provide screen shots.
  11. Discord Rules: (General rules still apply here as well.)
  12. 1. Your discord name must be changed to your character name in game.  If is your steam name, then that must be used.
  13. 2. Private conversations are not monitored in any form.  If you are being threatened, harassed, or attacked in a private conversation.  You have the ability to leave the conversation and then block or mute them.  
  14. 3. Intellectual property including pictures is distributed at your sole discretion. Anything you send or receive in private is out of our hands.
  15. 4. Participating and or creating a scenario where non JUL players.  Join the server with malicious intent in order to wreak chaos.  Will result in you and any parties involved banned from the community.
  16. 5. General chat should be kept mainly for conversation.  Feel free to use memes relative to the conversation but keep them in moderation.  
  17. 6. Any conversations that are extended should be taken to a private message.
  19. Building Rules:
  20. 1. Currently players are at a limitation of 2 base claims per person.  61×61 is the current instituted claim size.
  21. 2. There are no limit to how many members may reside in a base.
  22. 3. Please build at least 30 blocks away from the closest player unless you have their approval.  (Requiring a screenshot in game.)
  23. 4. Do not do heavy “land drops”, where the ground is cut out from underneath.  Keep it in limited amounts and do it in sections if needed.  If you are lagging out and or crashing the server.  Your base may be reset and you may face punishment.
  24. 5. Do not grief, and or exploit anything involving another players base.
  26. Vehicle Rules:
  27. 1. You will use vehicles at your own risk.  Server restarts are at 4PM and 4AM.  It is advised to pick up your vehicle before you logout.  We will not replace vehicles or their content if they are lost.
  28. 2. Do not purposely grief and or destroy another players vehicle.  This also includes leading zombies into destroying it.
  30. Golden rules:
  31. 1. Do not occur the blood moon at another players base without their permission.
  32. 2. Do not cheat and or exploit; items, vehicles, damage, health, speed, flight, vision, or any in game related mechanics.
  33. 3. Do not build inappropriate structures.  This includes anything involving racism as the prime building ideology.
  34. *Failure to appeal to the golden rules are grounds for instant ban from the 7 Days to Die Server.*
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