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12/1/19 Updates

– Bulk Resource Crafting Recipes with slightly reduced crafting time for building and ammunition crafting. (Gunpowder, Bullet Tips+Casings, Concrete, Sand, Iron all craft in bulk modes of 1,000 @ 10 mins. While steel is in bulk of 500 @ 10 mins.)
– Epic Nailgun (10x more expensive but repairs 10x as much and upgrading has little C/D)
– Epic Bellows (On Temporary hold due to balancing issues)
– Veteran/Member/Event reward quests (These will yield the packages that have been dispersed to most players already.)
– Mr. Q’s Cookies (An event item that will give 10% xp gain for 20 minutes)
– JUL EPIC Mod is now finished. 4 Epic Weapons and 2 Epic Tools will not be able to be crafted. They are scaled to about 100% more effective than regular versions.

11/22/19 Updates

New Server Announcement;

Hey everyone,

Since I have started handling the 7 Days to Die server. I was getting caught up in what a players experience should and could feel like. My main goals were;

  1. Longevity (Creating a map that would last as long as possible without having to resort to a wipe.)
  2. Quality of life (What did I find to be the most demanding. Or what did I have to much of that didn’t get used.)
  3. End game experience (One that wouldn’t hamper the early game or cause balancing issues.)
  4. Readily available to be able to login and play with no downloads
  5. Harder experience that scales throughout the game
  6. Balancing for all types of game play

I’m proud to present the next 7 Days to Die server that will be opening hopefully this weekend. It will be a mod free map and a fresh start. I have compiled a list of mods as well as coded a few to ensure that we have the makings of a unique and fun server. One that will be fun and lasting for the community.

Mods that will be JUL Unique
-JUL Blocks
– Log spikes are enabled once again. They have an upgrade tier to steel atm. I will look at addressing their damage and health over time. This mod will also serve as a platform for future blocks that will be added.
E.P.I.C. – The start of our custom weapons and tools. 4 Weapons; Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, AK47, and 9MM hand guns also with 2 Tools: Auger and Chainsaw.
JUL Stainless – I have enabled stainless steel once again as well as steel polish. For now Stainless Steel Polish will require silver and Oil to create. The recipe isn’t set in stone just yet. My goal was to have it relatively cheap and took a little bit of gathering or looting to craft. I may add it to the Work-N-Stiff containers at higher levels of game stage.

Mods that are community provided.
-Vehicle Respawner

-Scrap time modifier (It’s currently reduced by 50%)
Hostile Animals (Rabbits and Chickens will now be easier to find in the open world.)
Rad Loot Increase (It has been adjusted from 2% bag drop chance to 7%)
Rad Loot Time Increase (To 15 minutes from originally 5 minutes.)
Skip Starting Quests (You will still receive rewards.)
Lower Zombie Attack Range (Reduced by about 20% to accommodate melee in harder difficulties)
Server Tools

Other changes:
Difficulty 5 (Up from 3, the game was way too easy. People were able to run around almost carelessly and kill zombies without risk. Even on horde nights.)
Blood Moon Damage to Blocks will be at 30% (One issue is that atm people on our server do not typically defend a base. It’s too expensive, and damage is often too expensive to repair. With the new blocks being added, I’m confident we can finally increase the damage and provide a better Blood moon experience.
Skill points per level: 1 (Reduced from 3. An issue that arose was people were ready for the end game while at low levels due to this. Yet it didn’t scale off game stage so people had even easier experience. To make this change less irritating, XP will be adjusted.
Experience: 250% (Up from 150%, this is a compromise for people who enjoy getting more skill points. Adjusting XP and skill points like this curves back towards the games orientated balance.
Ammo drops will be slightly higher than normal for this map. Jacking up the difficulty means more ammo consumption to most people. How ever the end game should be more of about people crafting the special ammo types.
Day change: 2 hours per day (Up from 1 hour per day. With the map getting bigger I wanted to give people a chance to be able to ride around more and venture out in between periods of day and night. This will also keep the server’s day rate slowed down to increase growth.)
16kx16k Map, with the Server tools mod the map size will not hamper any experience.
Starter Kits for the first week; Veteran players will be allowed first dibs on land claim as a thank you. We will also give you some items to rebuild a home.

Removed Lootable Zombies Many people who experience a horde base defense get frustrated by the rampant FPS loss due to entities on horde night. We have traps; zombie corpses, turrets, and our own guns all yielding particles and light changes. Corpses will now decay faster, with log spikes added in hopefully there will be less traps used. These QOL features will potentially yield a more positive Horde night experience.

Here are some previews of the new end game mod. In most cases the stats are about 50-75% better. Making it worth while to earn.

“Epic Weapons Mod Overview”

Voting is now enabled yielding in game rewards with /vote

Server tools now configured and enabled. Allowing players to teleport to locations and each other.
Manually increased item and stack sizes (Ammo, Food, Water, Medicine, Nonstackables, and Hardware items.)

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